12 Best Mattress in India (2020) - Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Are you having back pain while sleeping and looking for a perfect mattress for your home Here you can find the best mattress in India?

What Is the Best Orthopedic Mattress Types?

An orthopedic mattress was designed specifically to support your body, back and neck in alignment. As the name implies, an orthopedic mattress was influenced by the research of orthopedics that focuses on injuries or abnormalities of your spine and joints. When your body weight presses down on your spine, the bones gradually shift out of position causing discomfort and pain. An orthopedic mattress was created to keep you comfortable so your spine doesn't have to suffer, and also to promote proper spinal alignment so your body isn't put under undue stress.
In this article, we're going to take a quick full review of the Sealy Posturepedic. 

Since this is our second in a series of reviews, we're going to compare it to another brand we looked at - the Serta Dreamtime. We'll compare its firmness, sleep comfort and durability. This particular mattress had quite a few consumer complaints, but one of its strong points was its warranty. So let's get right into it!
Let's start with the Sealy Posturepedic. Its most obvious feature is the presence of a continuous post (or spinal post) in the middle of the mattress. The problem many people experience with this type of mattress is not having enough support for their back. The reason is that because the post is there, it can potentially add pressure points. When you sleep, your body tends to remain in an extremely comfortable position without the pressure points moving around too much. A mattress needs to provide adequate support to your back to prevent these pressure points from creating problems. Bed mattress

 Another important thing to note about this mattress is that it uses a type of memory foam called visco elastic memory foam. What this form does is allow air to circulate beneath the surface of the mattresses which also helps to improve airflow through the bed. Air provides the body with the moisture it needs to remain comfortable during the night. Many consumers really appreciate the additional ability of these mattresses to provide a cool, refreshing sensation as the heat from their bodies dissipates. 

To better understand how orthopedic mattresses work in terms of providing spine alignment, you need to look at how they work. You should first know that all mattresses are going to compress differently. Some are going to provide more pressure relief than others. This is why it is so important to do your research and pick the one that best fits your needs. These mattresses offer different levels of pressure relief.

A high quality orthopedic mattress should have some sort of energy transfer or buoyancy to it. This will help to prevent back pain from occurring when you sleep. The best orthopedic mattresses will also have more padding in the box spring area. The reason is that when you sleep, you put quite a bit of stress on the spine. A good model will help relieve some of this stress.

If you are looking for a very soft mattress, you will want to find a company that offers something called a "firmness adjustment". With most of these products, you can easily tell if the firmness level has been changed by looking at the wear and tear on the box spring and the coils. If you purchase a new mattress, you should always pay close attention to the warranty information. If the manufacturer offers a one year warranty on the product, it means that they stand behind it.

The third type of orthopedic mattresses are the roll-up mattresses. Although they do provide great support, they are not particularly environmentally friendly. The manufacturer should make sure that they use a recycled box spring and use low quality plastic in the construction process.
 This will reduce the impact that they have on the environment. Because they are made to roll up, you can expect to receive quite a few years of excellent support and pressure relief.